Digital Disruption & Transformation


Digital Disruption and Transformation: Lessons from History, by Simon van Wyk and Ray Welling, is now available in hard copy and ebook form.

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They say a year on the Internet is like a dog year – seven years to every one as the pace of change has disrupted and transformed nearly every aspect of our lives from commerce to entertainment to what we do when waiting for the bus. However, throughout these massive changes, a few fundamental principles of business have continued to apply for organisations that want to succeed in the 21st century. Join two digital pioneers as they travel through the growing pains of the digital world and develop a roadmap for thriving in the age of disruption.

Simon van Wyk has helped Australia’s biggest and most innovative brands build customer-centric digital products and services.

Dr Ray Welling is a digital content marketer and creator, publisher, writer and lecturer.

Together, they have informed, poked, prodded and entertained Australia’s business community for 20 years with their pointed and witty observations about digital disruption in Australia and around the globe.

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