An e-health model for Australia?

CNET has published a long analysis of Google and Microsoft’s efforts at dominating the e-health market in the US. Apparently, the two technology giants, at war on so many fronts, are having a love fest when it comes to e-health.

An excerpt from the article: “‘I love Google Health,’ said Sean Nolan, the chief architect of Microsoft’s HealthVault service. ‘What they are trying to do is a good thing…We are in the same boat. We’re not really fighting with these guys. We’re all trying to make it work.’

“The love, apparently, is mutual. ‘I think it is critically important that there is more than one company trying to do this. (Personal health records) are very hard to get right,’ Google Health product manager Roni Zeiger said. ‘We certainly haven’t done so yet.'”

Hunh? What’s this about? Apparently they have a few common enemies in this territory. “Perhaps mutual interest comes before brass-knuckled competition. Google and Microsoft face many of the same issues–privacy, bureaucracy, and technological intransigence in the health industry–as they attempt to put their own spin on e-health.”

Read the full article for a detailed look at all the issues raised by Health Vault, Google Health and all their competitors.


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