MJA online – who are they kidding?

The Medical Journal of Australia announced today that it was going to lock down content on its website to subscribers-only. David More from the AusHealth IT blog points out the many fallacies in the rationale for this decision. He writes that: “If the MJA thinks it is of similar prestige to the Annals, JAMA, the BMJ or Lancet it is smoking a very strong brew of something which I suspect is not legal…. we now find Australia lacks an open professional platform for discussion of Health Policy….  (C)losing a professional health publications is a retrograde step in an era when we are working to improve information flows in health.”

I agree – the MJA needs to take a dose of reality pills and embrace the fact that the searchability and easy access of the journal over the past 10 years has added value to the MJA, and it will become a lot less useful and used.