LinkedIn grows, for all the wrong reasons

It turns out the current financial crisis in the US is creating one boom market – online business social networks. Sign-ups and usage of LinkedIn (or as I explain it to people, “Facebook for business people”) is soaring as people who are afraid they will lose their jobs enrol and update their CVs. Apparently LinkedIn is up to nearly 30 million members, mainly in the US, while German-based network Xing has hit 6.5 million members.


2 thoughts on “LinkedIn grows, for all the wrong reasons

  1. Why would that be the wrong reasons? I think that networking for employment opportunities is just about the main use of Linked In, besides referrals for consultants. Its certainly not a place to date, pull a reunion, or play my favorite tunes.

  2. Fair comment. What I meant by wrong reasons was that it is unfortunate that the financial crisis has happened, though there is nothing wrong with LinkedIn being used to help people at this time. Personally, I’m a big fan of LinkedIn, I find it a lot more useful than Facebook.

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