UptoDate swallowed by Wolters Kluwer

UptoDate, one of the last independent publishing initiatives in the healthcare arena, has been sold to publishing giant Wolters Kluwer. UptoDate gained a big following with doctors around the world, including Australia, for its online clinical diagnosis service. Just type in a question and it would come back with a search of the evidence to help doctors make a clinical decision. While the technology has moved on since it first came on the market, it was so simple that it gained a strong loyal following that has stayed with it despite the improvements of its competitors. Will be interesting to see if they become any easier to deal with under their new ownership – they have a reputation for being prickly and narrow-minded when it comes to talking to anyone about what they do. I was organising an overseas trip for a client and had pencilled in a trip to Boston to speak with them about their business and they refused to give us contact details for anyone in their HQ. Anyone have their own stories about dealing with UptoDate?