Keep it short when it comes to subject lines

From the Center for Media Research:

“Under 60 Character Email Subject Lines Increases Open Rate

“According to eROI’s latest email marketing survey, The Elements of Email, email marketers are missing opportunities to increase their deliverability, opens, clicks and conversions. The study examines several elements of an Email, recommending that readers test their positions to compare to prevailing practices.

“50% of the respondents say they use the company name as the best “from” name choice, while a third say it’s based on the campaign. Responses are based on the question: How do you address your “from” line?

  • The Company… 50.89%
  • Depends on the Campaign… 31.95%
  • Individual… 17.16%

“….Email marketers seem to be paying close attention to the content of their subject lines, finds the study. 75% say they try to ensure subject line relevance to the content of the email and 50% focus on keeping it concise.

“Studies have shown that using a subject line with 72 characters or more gives added relevance, with click through and conversion tending to increase. By going with a 60 character or less subject line, the open rate will tend to increase. The area between 60 and 72 has been shown to be a “dead zone,” according to the report.

“Respondents report subject lines as follows:

  • Relevant content… 72.57%
  • Short and to the point… 50.44%
  • Testing subject lines… 28.32%
  • Personalized… 19.03%
  • Other… 2.21%”