No trays, grey screens = save the whales

Irish Internet expert Gerry McGovern reckons our inefficient use of computers is contributing to global warming. The evidence ranges from oversupply of information (the classical lawyer trick by burying incriminating evidence under an avalanche of data) to Google using up too much energy in producing the white background to its search results.

I like McGovern’s style because he often takes non-computer examples from daily life and applies them to technology. In this posting, he talks about a study conducted in university cafeterias that showed that when you take away food trays, students waste less food. Another one of those “Well, d’uh!” studies that proves what you already knew instinctively. Anyway, McGovern goes on to argue that we should be more selective with what we publish on the Internet and corporate intranets, because the longer it takes people to find the information they need, the more energy is wasted. Great point! I’ll adhere to that principle by stopping my posting right her—