They did get back to me

Further to my last entry about the study on response rates to ‘Contact Us’ emails by Australian businesses, I made that entry at 9 p.m. Thursday night, after having downloaded the executive summary of the study from the Strike Force Sales website. I got a phone call at 8.45 the next morning from a Strike Force Sales salesperson, asking what if felt like to have someone reply promptly rather than waiting two days to reply. Big tick to Strike Force Sales – although I hadn’t actually asked for them to contact me.

However, she then proceeded to try and set up a follow-up sales call, even though I made it clear I don’t have a need for their product, a sales contact centre. When I said no, she then asked me to think of everyone I knew who might have use for their services, and said she would ring me back in a week for my list. The phrase “cutting your lunch for you” came strongly to mind. Big tick against them, offsetting the other tick. Sheeesh, it made me yearn for companies who don’t reply to emails…


2 thoughts on “They did get back to me

  1. Hi Ray
    Your comment if fair enough. We are a bit too keen to get talking to people about this stuff as we see it as a big issue. What I have done is asked Rita to keep making the phone call… but to only offer to send more info and then to back off.
    We are learning a new art – providing well meaning and professional follow up to web generated sales enquiries. The issue for us is – how is best to do this? Obviously it is best practice for a business to ring and say ‘thank you for the enquiry’… but it is a step too far to say ‘right… now when are you going to buy’. The trick to this is to get it just right… to provide a sharp, responsive and professional level of customer service while at the same time leaving a warm impression with the prospective customer.
    I would be happy to read any comments your readers may have on this.

  2. Chris, apologies if my posting was a bit glib. I was actually really impressed that I received a phone call and I don’t really yearn for non-replying companies. You’re absolutely right that this is a big issue and full marks to you for conducting and promoting your study. That kind of follow-up is perfect for a company in your line of work. It was just that asking me to come up with sales leads seemed a bit too far…

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