Going ape over viral marketing

It’s often the most seemingly random ideas that work when it comes to viral marketing. A recent example is Cadbury Chocolate’s ‘Cup and a half of joy’ campaign, fuelled by a video of a gorilla banging on the drums in time to Phil Collins classic “In the Air Tonight”. This has been sent by millions all over the world, and has now inspired a host of YouTube mash-ups, with the gorilla belting out the drum beat to songs such as ACDC’s “Highway to Hell” (which reminds me of one of my favourite bands, the Hayseed Dixies, who cut an album of bluegrass versions of ACDC classics – but that’s another story…). It’s even been co-opted by other companies, with Wonderbra using a figure-enhanced model on the drums and using the line “Two cups full of joy”. As Internet marketing blogger B.L. Ochman points out (thanks to her newsletter for bringing this campaign to my attention), one important reason why this works so well as a viral marketing campaign is that it is not an overt product pitch. 

The complaint of creatives about the Internet is that it doesn’t allow for the creativity you can achieve on television. Here’s a prime example of how that’s just not true. Now if I could just come up with ideas like the Cadbury Gorilla. Maybe I could get my dog to sing Ode to Joy?