The big questions

Pete Blackshaw has just published an article on Clickz which echoes my piece yesterday. He outlines 10 ‘big questions’ every chief marketing officer should ask. The questions:

  • What’s the strategic relevance of listening?
  • How do we stay credible with consumers?
  • How do we gain permission to market to consumers? What is permission?
  • What is engagement? How do we measure it?
  • How do we stay authentic and meaningful with consumers?
  • How do we facilitate and catalyze cross-functional relationships to unleash new value and synergy?
  • How do we intervene with consumers at critical inflection points? What are they?
  • How much marketing budget should be invested in indirect activities?
  • How do we nurture customer advocacy?
  • How do we protect and defend brand equity and reputation?

As Blackshaw writes, “You simply can’t decouple service and marketing in this new era of consumer control. Without satisfied customers, we simply can’t market. Without strong customer advocates, we simply can’t sell.”