If not king, at least prince

“Don’t just take what you’re doing offline and move it online in the hope that being there will somehow make people stand up and cheer.” – Charles Rubin

The phrase “content is king” may seem hackneyed, but over the past few years finding, reading and interacting with content has become the dominant reason people spend time online, overtaking communication and well ahead of commerce and search (according to the Online Publishers Association Internet Activities Index, conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings).

With the rise of social networking, creating content and interacting with it has become a critical part of the online experience for your customers. All businesses need to address this issue in order to create and develop healthy relationships. You need to speak the same language as your customers. You need to ask yourself:

• What message do I want to get across?
• What interactions am I trying to make?
• What conversations do I want to have with my customers?
• Where do my customers want to go – and how can I come alongside them for the journey?

Australian companies are starting to get the message, putting more effort into creating content specifically for their website rather than shoe-horning existing brochure or advertising material into their web pages. Even the newspaper sites are creating web-only content, acknowledging the importance of the online component of their business. I will be writing more about these companies over time, highlighting who I think is getting it right (and wrong) online. Stay tuned…


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