Read the story, get the T-shirt

Chris Kerns writes on the Zaaz blog about a funky new cross-promotional trend he noticed on – on stories with “out there” sort of headlines, you can order a T-shirt with that headline. “Bikini-clad baristas shock customers” is the example quoted in his posting. Kerns says it freaks him out and makes him wonder about what they’re doing to the CNN brand. Personally, I think it’s a great idea. Maybe it’s because I once worked as a sub-editor (my goal in life at one time was to be a headline writer for the Daily Telegraph), but I love quirky headlines and would consider buying shirts with my favourites emblazoned on them. There’s of course, the classics such as “Man bites dog” and “Headless body in topless bar”, and others such as one from today’s paper: “Drink too much and you might feel ruff-ruff” (for a story about a beer for dogs). What headlines would you put on a T-shirt? I might give a bottle of a classic dry white from a remainder sale to the best one submitted.


One thought on “Read the story, get the T-shirt

  1. Perhaps not my favourite, but it did make me smile… ‘Cereal killer warning over Cornflakes’ for a story on toxins in breakfast cereal.

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