More on the budget

David More’s Australian Health Information Technology blog has published a comprehensive e-health budget analysis, looking at the breakdown of spending in this year’s Federal Budget on e-health initiatives. The analysis is provided by ICT analyst Richard Dixon Hughes. Highlights include:

  • One of the major cost saving measures was the abolition of the Access Card project (being managed within the Human Services portfolio) leading to an all up reduction of $1.2 billion over 5 years.
  • Previous ICT incentives for General Practice are being abolished and a new incentive payment of $6.50 per patient introduced in their place – however the net result is planned to be a saving of $110.7 million over the next 4 years.
  • Cuts to the previous e-health implementation program totalled $10.5 million over three years and were part of a basket of cuts, though it is not clear what the extent and nature of the specific reductions within the e‑Health Implementation Program have been